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University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 

Cl)c 311 use 

& t e ^ear = boob of t fj c H>tubent£S of 
ftt. JWarp'sS g>cfjool, iaalctgf), J^ortfj Carolina 

Eol. X3J33J 


$ubltsheb bp the JSlusSe Club 

©sms 3 spasms 5s h>wt to gaftlaeiF he?e 

SoHTme seenaes f®iSimnliaiir„ feces dleas ,; 

To aid to Mecep ©sms 51 mm©mm@s=ies clear 
Now — siimdl aim ttlme affteir^eaiF,, 



n , g:rieii: i u:~ii-i'-~:ifea raiin. 

The World Receiving the Graduates 



iHisiss jWartlja Austin ©otob 

in gratitude for all t h at she has done for 
st. mary's girls through her high en- 

TMma tttater 

Tune — " Believe me, if all those endearing young charms." 

St. Mary's, wherever thy daughters may be, 

They love thy high praises to sing, 
And tell of thy beauties of campus and tree 

Around which sweet memories cling. 
They may wander afar, out of reach of thy name, 

Afar, out of sight of thy grove; 
But the thought of St. Mary's aye kindles a flame 

Of sweet recollections and love. 

Beloved St. IVIary'sl How great is our debt! 

Thou hast cared for thy daughters full well; 
They can never thy happy instructions forget. 

Nor fail of thy virtues to tell. 
The love that they feel is a heritage pure; 

An experience wholesome and sweet. 
Through fast-rolling years it will grow and endure; 

Be a lamp and a guide to their feet. 

May the future unite all the good of thy past 

With the best that new knowledge can bring. 
Ever onward and upward thy coursel To the last 

Be thou steadfast in every good thing. • 
Generations to come may thy fair daughters still 

Fondly think on thy halls and thy grove 
And carry thy teachings o'er woodland and hill, 

Of earnestness, wisdom and love. 

H. E. H., 1905. 

A Sljort Calendar of tl)e ^ear 1910-U 

Thursday, September 21 ..Sixty-ninth Session Opened. 
Saturday, October 1 Sigma Lambda Reception. 

Saturday, October 15 . Epsilon Alpha Pi Reception. 

Wednesday, October 19 State Fair Day. 

Monday, October 31 Hallowe'en Celebration. 

Tuesday, November 1 _ All Saints'; Founders' Day. 

Thursday, November 24 . Thanksgiving Day. 

Thursday, December 8 Madame Rider-Kelsev Concert. 

Monday, December 12 The Chorus Class in "The Egyptian Princess." 

Thursday, December 15 Pre-Christmas Entertainment. 

December 16- January 3 Christmas Vacation 


Thursday, January 19 ..Easter Term Began. 

Thursday, February 2 Legislative Concert. 

Monday, February 27 . David Bispham Concert. 

Wednesday, March 1 Ash Wednesday. 

Sunday, April 9 ..... Palm Sunday: Annual Visitation of the Bishop. 

Friday, April 14 Good Friday. 

Sunday, April 16 _ Easter Sunday. 

Saturday, April 22 Annual Dramatic Club Play. 

Wednesday, April 26 Annual Inter-Society Debate. 

Friday, May 12 Alumna Day, Sixty-ninth Anniversary of the Opening of St. Mary's. 

May 21-25 Commencement Season. 

Sunday, May 21 ._ Annual Sermon by Bishop Reese, of Georgia. 

Monday, May 22 Elocution Recital, Art Exhibit. 

Tuesday, May 23 Alumna* Meeting; Rector's Reception. 

Wednesday, May 24 .. Class Day; Annual Concert. 

Thursday, May 25 Graduation Exercises. Address by Prof. Mims, of U. X. C. 

C?l)e !ftoar6 of Oruste,es 

Xbht 3Mst)ops 
Rt. Rev. Jos. Blount Cheshire, D. D., Chairman 

Rt. Rev. Robt. Strange, D. D 

Rt. Rev. Wm. Alexander Guerry 

Rt. Rev. Junius M. Horner .... 

Raleigh, X. C. 

Wilmington, X. C. 

Charleston, S. C. 

Asheville, X. C. 

Clerical an6 ~T.av trustees 
North Carolina 

Rev. M. A. Barber, Raleigh 

Col. Chas. E. Johnson, Raleigh 
Mr. W. A. Erwin, Durham 

Rev. J. E. Ingle, Henderson 
Dr. R. H. Lewis, Raleigh 
Hon. R. H. Battle, Raleigh 
Mr. D. Y. Cooper, Henderson 

East Carolina 
Rev. R. B. Drane, D. D., Edenton 
Mr. Frank Wood, Edenton 
Rev. T. P. Noe, Wilmington 
Mr. Geo. C. Rovall, Goldsboro 

South Carolina 
Rev. T. T. Walsh, Yorkville 
Mr. P. T. Havne, Greenville 
Rev. L. G. Wood, Charleston 
Mr. T. W. Bacot, Charleston 

^Executive Committee 
Rt. Rev. J. B. Cheshire, D. D., Chairman 
Hon. R. H. Battle Dr 

Rev. W. H. Hardin, Gastonia 
Hon. Wm. A. Hoke, Lincolnton 
Rev. McXeely DuBose, Morganton 
Mr. F. A. Clinard, Hickory 

Col. Chas. E. Johnson 

Mr. W 

H. Lewis 
. A. Erwin 

Mr. Geo. C Royall 

Secretary ano Orrasurer 
Dr. K. P. Battle, Jr. 

Ot)& Sectors of St. Mtar^'s 

Rev. Aldert Smedes, D. D., Founder and First Rector 
May, 1842-April, 1S77 

Rev. Bennett Smedes, D. D., Second Rector 

April, 7877-February, iSgg 

Rt. Rev. Theodore D. Brattox, D. D., Third Rector 
August, iSgq-August, 1903 

Rev. McNeelv DuBose, Fourth Rector 
September, 1903- July, 11)07 

Rev. George Wm. Lav, Fifth Rector 
July, 1007- 

Rev. George William Lay, 

Some St. Mtar^'s iDates to Remember 

1832-35. The Main Building and Rock Houses erected for the use of the Episcopal School 

for boys. 
1842. St. Mary's opened, May 12 

1867. The Chapel built. The church services had been held previously in East Rock. 
1877. Dr. Aldert Smedes died, April 25. 
1879. The first class "graduated." 
1897. The Church purchased the school. 
1899. Dr. Bennett Smedes died, February 22. 
1904. The Chapel remodeled by alumnEe funds. 
1909. The Clement Legacy available. Clement Hall and the Wings built. 

Miss Eleanor Walter Thomas 
Lady Principal 

Ol)e .facult? au6 Officers 1910-U 



Mr. ERNEST CRUIKSHANK Secretary and Business Manager 

Rev. George W. Lav Bible and Ethics 

A. B. Vale. '8:; B D., G. T. S., '85; St Paul's School. '88-'o7; St. Mary's. '07'n. 
Home: St Mary's Rectory. 

Miss Eleanor Walter Thomas English 

A. M.. College for Women (S. C}. '00; Student at Columbia; St. Mary's, '00- '04. '05-' rr. 
Home: Columbia, S C. 

Mr. William Exos Stone History and German 

A. B., Haryard, 'S;; St. Mary's. '03-' 11 Home: Raleigh. 

Mr. Ernest Cruikshaxk Science 

A. B . Washington College (Md.), '97. A. M., '98; Graduate Student, Johns Hopkins 
St. Mary's, 'oj-'ii. Home, St. Mary's. 

Miss Frances Macaulav French 

Certificate. L'niversite de Grenoble, France St. Mary's, 'lo-'ti. Home: Detroit, Mich. 

Miss Anna Nash Buxton English 

St. Mary's; Bryn Mawr, 'o3-'a6. St. Mary's, 'io-'n. Home, Winston. N. C. 

Miss Helen Urquhart Latin 

A. B.. Mt Holyoke. '10. St. Mary's, 'lo-'it. Home: Ashfield, Mass. 

Miss Nina Katharine VanDyne Mathematics 

A. B.. Cornell, '10. St. Mary's, 'io-'n. Home: New York City. 

Miss Muriel Marion Victor Elocution and Physical Culture 

Hawn School. Xew York. St. Mary's, 'io-'n. Home: Arlington, X J. 




131)* "Jacultp an6 Officers, 1910-11 

Miss Kate McKimmox Primary Department 

Student and Teacher at St. Mary's since 1864. Home: Raleigh. 

Miss Mabel A. Horslev Preparatory Work 

Graduate, Powell's School, Richmond. St Mary's, '07-11. 

Miss Louise Hill Assistant 

Graduate, St. Mary's, '07. Assistant, 'io-'ii. Home: Lexington, N. C. 

Miss Martha Austin Dowd, Director Piano, Theory, History 

Graduate, St. Mary's, '84. Pupil of Kuersteiner, Wiig, Mack. St. Mary's, 'S-v-'ii. 
Director, 'oS-'ii. Home. West Raleigh. 

Mr. R. Blinn Owen Voice 

M. Mus., Detroit School of Music. Pupil of Mazurette, Beach, etc. St. Mary's, 'cg-'i 1. 
In charge ol Voice, Director of Orchestra and Chorus, Home: Raleigh. 

Miss Marjory Sherwin Violin 

Pupil of Sevcik in Prague. St. Mary's, oq-'ii. Home: Batavia, N. V. 

Miss Bertha May Luney Organ, Fiano 

Pupil of Hyatt. Becker, Foote, Tipton. St. Mary's, '09-' 1 t . Home: North Petersburg, 

Miss Hermixe R. Scheper Piano. Harmony 

Graduate. New England Conservatory. St. Mary's, 'o7-'ii. Home: Beaufort, S. C. 

Miss Susie Simms Battle Piano 

Piano Certificate. St. Mary's. '04. Teacher, '09-' 11. Home: Rocky Mount, X, C. 

Miss F. Zulette Wilson Voice 

Pupil of Bristol. Juliani, Percy. St, Mary's, 'ic-'ii. Home: Waterhury, Conn. 

Miss Ella Dorroh Piano 

Piano Certificate, St. Mary's, '10. Teacher, 'io-'ii. Home: Greenville, S. C. 

Z3l>e "Jacult? anb Officers, 1910-U 

Miss Clara I. Fenner, Director Drawing, Painting, Design, etc. 

Graduate, Maryland Institute. St. Mary's, 'SS-'96; 'o2-'ii. Home: Baltimore, Md. 


Miss Muriel Marion Victor, Director 

. Elocution, Physical Training 

Graduate, Hawn School of the Speech Arts; Pupil of Curry, Barry, etc. St. Mary's 
'io-'ii. Home: Arlington, N. J. 

Miss Lizzie Hinton Lee, Directoi 

St. Mary's, '96.' ri. Home: Raleigh. 

Miss Juliet Biscoe Sutton 

St. Mary's '98-'ii. Home: Raleigh. 

Mrs. Lavinia C. Gretter 

St. Mary's, 'io-'ii. Home: Henderson, N, C. 

Miss Eva M. Hardestv .... 

St Marys, 'o9-'ii. Home: Morehead City, N. C. 

Miss Lola E. Walton 

St Mary's, 'oi-'ii. Home: Morgant^n, N. C. 

Dr. Augustus W. Knox .... 

St. Mary's. '07.'] 1 Home: Raleigh. 

Mrs. Mary Iredell 

Student, Teacher and Agent since 1847. Home: Raleigh. 

Business Branches 



Matron of Infirmary 

School Physician 

Agent of the Trustees 

St. Mlar^'s -Alumnae 

ifflns. jfflarp (BJofjngon) JfreUcU 

Honorary President of the Alumnae Association 

who has given the greater part of a life of use- 
fulness to the work of St. Mary's, as student, 
as student-assistant, as teacher, as traveling 
representative, as organizer of the Alumna 
and as President of the Alumnae A=socia.ion. 

Miss Kate McKimmon. 

St. Mary's, 1864-1911 

St. 3Ztar?'s -Alumnae 

ifWtsss Hate fWc3Simmon 

Secretary of the Alumnae Association 

of whom the dedication of the 1902 Muse well said: 


"To you it has been given to do a constant, silent work 
For God and women; to teach to others truth 
By your exceeding truthfulness; 

To strengthen others' faith by your unswerving faithfulness 
To work, to friends, to God." 

«&**=- t n ju, M US t^^^^ 
Register of Stu&ertts, 19104911 

After the name is given the classification at St. Mary's, indicated in the case of members of the College 
by the date of graduation of the class. The number of the year at St. Mary's follows. On the second line 
membership in student-organizations is Indicated. 

(Prep.) means a member of an Upper Preparatory class. (Acad.) means not a regular member of any 
class. (Gd.) means a "Granddaughter." 

Archey, Helen Frances (Acad.) (i) . . . . . Concord, X. C. 

Arthur, Bessie Wilson, '13 A A $ Union, S. C. 

J A; Sigma Ath.; St. Agnes'; Muse Club; Chapel Warden. 

Bauer, Yvonne Marie, (Prep.) (1) Apartado 2S3, Chihuahua. Mexico 

E A I! ; St. Monica's Chapter; Choir. 

*Ball. Laura Josephine (Bus.) (i) 447 X 1 . Blount, Raleigh. X. C. 

*Barbee, Adelvn Andrews, (Prep.) (1) 213 X. Blount, Raleigh, X. C. 

Barber, Margaret Taylor (Acad.) (2) North Wilkesboro, X. C. 

E A If: Sigma Ath.; St. Agnes'; Altar Guild; Sketch Club. 

Barnwell. Elizabeth, '14 (3) X A B (R. F. D., Sumter, S. C.) Stateburg. S. C. 

I A; St. Agnes'; Altar Guild; Chorus; Choir; S. C. C. 

Barton, Beatrice, (Acad.) (2) 716 Farmington Ave., Hartford, Conn. 

E A II; Sigma Ath. 

Benuini, Robah Kerner, (Acad.) (2) High Point, X. C. 

St. Agnes"; Choir; Chorus. 

Blackmer, Margaret Brent, (Acad.) (1) . Salisbury. X. C, 

E A II; Sigma Ath.; St. Catherine's; Chorus. 

Borden, Julia, '13 (3) A J Goldsboro, X. C. 

_1 J; Sigma Ath.; St. Margaret's; Orchestra; Granddaughters; Riding Club, Monitor. 

Bouknight, Emma Bettis, '14 (1) Johnston, S. C. 

_1 A; St. Anne's Chapter. 

Bradshaw. Edith, (Acad.) (1) High Point, X. C. 

E A II; St Margaret's; Choir; Chorus. 

Brady, Lucile Chandler, (Acad.) (2) Henderson, N. C. 

E AIT. St. Margaret's Chapter; Sigma Athletic Club. 
Bragaw, Katherine Blount, (Acad.) (1) Washington, N. C. 

E AIT; Lucy Bratton Chapter, Altar Guild, Chorus. 
Branham, Ruth Louise, (Acad.) (1) 722 Richmond St., Brunswick, Ga. 

E A IT; Mu Ath. ; St. Catherine's Chapter. 
Broadfoot, Margaret Strange, '13 (2) AKW Fayetteville, N. C. 

-T A; Sigma Ath.; St. Margaret's; Altar Guild; Chorus; Riding Club. 
Broadwood, Hilda Blanche, (Prep.) (3) Point Clear, Ala. 

J J; St. Margaret's Chapter; Riding Club. 
Brown, Dorothy Valentine. '14 (1) 44 Hawthorn Ave., Rutherford, N. T- 

E All; Sigma Ath.; St Elizabeth's Chapter; Altar Guild; Chorus. 
Brown, Margaret, (Prep.) (2) Canton, Ga. 

E A IT; Mu Ath. ; St. Elizabeth's Chapter. 
Bruce, Katherine Marsden, '14 (z) A K ¥ 41 Court St., Portsmouth, Va. 

I A; St. Elizabeth's Chapter; Altar Guild; Chorus. 
Burfoot, Ada Adylett ' . . . Elizabeth City, N. C. 

I A ; St. Agnes' Chapter. 
Butler, Mary Brown, '14 (1) Henderson, N. C. 

I A; Mu Ath.; St. Anne's Chapter. 

*Cherry. Elizabeth, (Acad.) (4) Raleigh, N. C. 

Ci.arkson, Amelia Garden, (Prep.) (1) .... Wateree, S. C. 

I A; St. Elizabeth's Chapter. 
Cooper, Julia Horner, (Prep.) (1) Oxford, N. C. 

E A IT; Mu Ath. ; St. Monica's Chapter; Granddaughters. 

tCoopER, Mary Hazel, (Music) (1) Earnest, N. C. 

Cooper, Sophronia Moore, '14 (1) Oxford, N. C. 

E AIT; Sigma Ath.; St. Monica's Chapter; Granddaughters. 

*Crews, Grace Kearney, (Prep.) (2) 122 Park Ave., Raleigh, N. C. 

Mu Ath.; Granddaughters. 
Critz, Rvth Reynolds, '13 (2) A K ¥ Winston-Salem, X. C 

2' A; Mu Ath.; St. Margaret's; Inter-Society Debater; Muse Board. 
Cuthbeht, Anna Baskerville, (Acad.) (1) 13 Friend St., Petersburg, Va. 

E ATI; Mu Ath.; St. Catherine's Chapter. 
Davis, Eleanor Florence, (Acad.) (2) Henderson. X. C. 

E A II; Sigma Ath.; St. Margaret's; Sketch Club, Chorus. 
Davis, Elvira Belle, (Acad.) (2) Henderson, X. C. 

E A //: Mu Ath.; St. Margaret's; Altar Guild; Chorus. 
Divine, Virginia Stella. (Acad.) (1) . Rocky Mount. X, C. 

E A II; St. Monica's Chapter; Sketch Club. 
*Dortch, Elizabeth, '14 (2) K A 531 X. Person, Raleigh, X. C. 

Mu Ath.; Granddaughters; Sketch Club. 
*Dortch, Lucy Bayard, '14 (3) K A .... . 531 X. Person, Raleigh, X. C. 

DuBose, Beverly Means, '14 (1) 1414 Lady St., Columbia, S. C. 

^' .1; St. Catherine's; Altar Guild; Choir; Sketch Club; Granddaughters. 
Edens, Anna Margaret, (Acad.) (1) Clio, S. C. 

E A II ; Mu Ath.; Choir; Chorus; S. C. C. 
Emery, Margaret, (Bus.) (2) 512 W. Seventh, Charlotte, X. C. 

Sigma Ath.; St. Anne's Chapter. 
Erwin, Bessie Smedes, '13 (4) A J West Durham. X. C. 

E A II; Mu Ath.; St. Agnes'; Muse Board; Altar Guild; Monitor; Chapel 
Warden; Class President. 
Erwin, Margaret Locke, '13 (4) A J West Durham, X. C. 

E A II; Sigma Ath.; Lucy Bratton Chapter; Altar Guild; Choir; Grand- 


*Fenner, Sarah Baker, '14 (2) A K W Raleigh, N. C. 

2 A. 

Ferebee. Katie Attmore, (Prep.) (1) Aurora, N. C. 

J .1 : St. Elizabeth's Chapter. 
Field, Axxe Brumby, '14 (1) A J Marietta, Ga. 

1 A, Sigma Ath.; Altar Guild; Choir; Muse Club; Class President; President 

St. Elizabeth's Chapter. 

Fitchett, Frances Elizabeth, '14 (1) Cape Charles, Va. 

_Y J; St. Catherine's Chapter; Altar Guild. 
Fletcher, Margaret Schouler, (Prep.) (1) Holly Ave., Winston-Salem, N. C. 

2 A; St. Elizabeth's Chapter. 

Fowle, Mary Grist, (Acad.) (2) Washington, N. C. 

E A fl \ St. Agnes' Chapter. 
Fuller, Viola Beatrice, '14 (i) Southern Pines, N. C. 

1 A; Mil Ath.; St. Anne's Chapter. 

Gaither, Mary Skixxer, '14 (3) X A B Hertford, N. C. 

-l\'l ; Mu Ath. ; St. Agnes' Chapter; Altar Guild ; Chorus; Granddaughters. 
Gary, Axxie Ruth, (Acad.) (2) Henderson, N. C. 

E A n . St. Margaret's Chapter. 
Gibbs, Nina Farrow. (Bus.) (3) Oriental, N. C. 

2 A: Sigma Ath.; Lucy Bratton Chapter; Altar Guild. 

Gilbert, Frederika Mary, (Music) (1) . . "Valley View Farm," Lolo, Mont. 

EAfJ. Sigma Ath.; St. Catherine's Chapter; Altar Guild; Choir; Chorus. 
Green, Millian Cooke, '13 (2) 930 Penna. St., Denver, Col. 

EA 77; St. Agnes' Chapter; Sigma Ath. ; Altar Guild; Muse Club. 
Griffith, Laura Washington, (Bus.) (2) Box 77, Charlotte, N. C. 

Altar Guild. 
Grubb, Beulah, (Acad.) (1) Linwood, N. C. 

I A. 

Grubb. Edna, '14 (2} . Linwood, X. C. 

S A, Lucy Bratton Chapter; Mu Ath. 
Gwynn, Alice Brevard, (Acad.) (1) Tallahassee, Fla. 

2 A\ Lucy Bratton Chapter. 
Haigh, Marion- Taylor, '14 (i) Fayetteville, N. C. 

2. .1; St. Catherine's Chapter; Chorus. 

fHARRELL, Jane Alexixe, (i) Cheraw, S. C. 

Harris, Jennie Dick, '14 (1) A J 453 Peachtree. Atlanta, Ga. 

E A 77; Sigma Ath. ; St. Elizabeth's Chapter; Choir: Chorus; Class Secretary. 
Harris, Martha Timberlake, (Acad.) (1) Franklinton, N. C. 

E A 77; Lucy Bratton Chapter; Riding Club. 

tHARRis, Olive, '15 (z) '. Reidsville, N. C. 

Harrison, Agnes Tixslev, '12 (3) K A Atlanta, Ga. 

1 A; Mil Ath.; Dramatic Club; President Ath. Association; Inter-Society 

Debater; Monitor. 
Harrison, Lucy Garrett, '14 (3) Enfield, N. C. 

2 A: Mu; St. Margaret's; Altar Guild; Choir; Chorus; Muse Club; Granddaughters. 

tHAWKixs, Catherixe Loxdox. '14 (2) AKW 1040 Oak St.. Jacksonville, Fla. 

*Hawkins, Catherine Estei.i.e, (Acad.) (1) Greensboro, N. C. 

Henderson, Elizabeth Byrd, '13 (3) X J B 48 Grove St., Asheville, N T . C. 

2 A\ St. Margaret's; Dramatic Club; Muse Board. 
Hendricks, Nellie, '12 (4) Marshall, N. C. 

E A 77; Mu Ath.: Lucy Bratton Chapter; Chorus: Muse Club; Monitor. 
Herbert, Leone Kathleen, (Acad.) (1) Morehead City, N. C. 

^ A\ Lucy Bratton Chapter; Chorus. 
Hevward, Sara Kirk. '14 (V) Beaufort, S. C. 

St. Anne's Chapter; Choir; S. C. C. 
Hodgson, Mary Frances, (Acad.) (1) 1103 May St., Jacksonville, Fla. 

2' A: Mu Ath.. Lucy Bratton Chapter; Granddaughters. 

Warrenton, N. C. 

201 Hillsboro, Raleigh, N C. 
Dihvorth, Charlotte, N. C. 

rling Club. 
Jackson, Helen '14 (1) . . . . 212 S. Sycamore St., Petersburg, Va. 

E A [J ; Mu Ath. ; St. Catherine's Chapter, Granddaughters. 

Jackson, Jennie Brodie '14 (2) 

E A 11 ; Mu Ath.: St. Agnes' Chapter; Granddaughters. 

*Johnson, Elizabeth Murray '14 (3) \ J B 

Junes, Caroline Clarke, '13 (3) 

1 A; Altar Guild; Choir; President St. Anne's; Muse Board. 
Jones, Hortense Haughtox '13 (2) AKW 223 Haywood St.,Asheville, N. C. 

1 A. Sigma Ath.; St. Margaret's; Altar Guild; Choir: Monitor; Grand- 

daughters: Muse. 

*Jones, Ina Hoskins, '11 (3) W. Edenton, Raleigh, N. C. 

E A fl: Muse Board. 

Josey, Nannie Lolise ('14) (2) Scotland Neck, N. C. 

J J; Mu Ath.; Lucy Bratton Chapter 

*Kitchin, Sue Arrington, '14 (1) Executive Mansion, Raleigh, N. C. 

Kyle, Frances (Art) (1) Decatur, Ala. 

2 A. Riding Club; St. Elizabeth's Chapter. 

Lassiter, Kathryn Blount, '14(1) ... Hertford, N. C. 

I A. Sigma Ath.; St. Agnes' Chapter: Altar Guild. 

*Lay, Elizabeth Atkinson, (Prep.) (4) t. St. Mary's, Raleigh, N. C- 

e an. 

Leak, Effie Shepherd, (Acad.) (1) Wadesboro, N. C. 

v A: Lucy Bratton Chapter; Choir; Granddaughters; Riding Club. 

*Leard, Margaret Agnes, '14 (1) 112 Polk, Raleigh, X. C. 

Learv, Elizabeth Woodard '13 (2) X A B ■ Edenton, N. C. 

Secretary £ A II . President Altar Guild; Business Manager Muse; Chief Marshal; 

*Lee, Lizzie Hixton, 2nd. '14(2) 414 X. Wilmington St.. Raleigh, X. C. 

*Lee, Ruth Addison, '14 (2) 414 X. Wilmington St., Raleigh, X. C. 

Lewis, Nell Battle, 'ii (4) A 1 A : . "Cloverdale," Raleigh, X. C. 

President E A VI \ Editor-in-Chief Muse; Mix; St. Margaret's; Chief Monitor. 

Lilly, Frances Hinsdale, '14 (1) Fayetteville, N. C. 

1 A, Mu Ath.-, St. Catherine's Chapter; Granddaughters. 

LiNTHicuM, Muriel Elizabeth, '14 (1) 610 X. Boulevard, Atlanta. Ga. 

I A; Mu Ath. 

Lloyd, Elise Randolph, '14 (1) Durham. X C. 

E A II ; St. Monica's Chapter; Altar Guild; Mu Ath.; Riding Club. 

Lockhart, Caroline Ashe, '13 (2) A J B Wadesboro, N. C. 

I A. St. Agnes' Chapter; Altar Guild; Muse Club. 

*Mann, Eleanor Vass, '14 Newbern Ave., Raleigh, X. C. 

Manning, Mary Louise '13 (2} A J Durham. X. C. 

-Y A; Altar Guild; St. Margaret's Chapter; Choir; Chorus. 

Marriott, Emily (Acad.) (3) Battleboro, X. C. 

E A II , St. Monica's Chapter; Altar Guild; Choir; Granddaughters. 

Maxwell, Evelyn Croom '13 (3) A- A 20 W. Belmont St., Pensacola, Fla. 

I A; Mu; Lucy Bratton Chapter; Altar Guild; Sketch Club; Riding Club. 
jMeares, Jane Iredell (Acad.) (1) Wilmington, X. C. 

♦Merritt, Mary Rebecca, 'ii (2) Oakwood Ave., Raleigh, N. C. 

Z A; Annual Muse Board. 
Mewborn, Meta (Acad.) (3) Kinston, N. C. 

2' A, St. Agnes' Chapter; Altar Guild; Choir. 
Miller, Fannie Butler, (Prep.) (1) Trenton, S. C. 

E A Fl : St. Anne's Chapter. 
Mitchell, Mary Gibbes '13 (2) A K W The Rectory, Greenville, S. C. 

— ' A; Sigma Ath. ; St. Catherine's Chapter; Choir, S. C. C. 
Morris, Elizabeth '14 (1) A J Lynn St., Bellefonte, Pa. 

E A II ; Sigma Ath.; St. Elizabeth's Chapter; Choir. 
McArthur. Helen Elizabeth; '13 (2) X A B Winston-Salem, N. C. 

1 A ; Mu; St. Agnes'; Altar Guild; Granddaughters; Dramatic Club; 

Muse Club; Marshal. 

McComb, Gertrude Elizabeth (Acad.) (1) 227 Laura St., Jacksonville, Fla. 

E A H , Sigma Ath.; Lucy Bratton Chapter; Riding Club; Muse Club. 
McCullers, Melba, '14(2) Clayton, N. C. 

— A ; St. Margaret's Chapter. 

*McDonald, Flora, (Prep.) (2) 437 Halifax St., Raleigh, N. C. 

McGehee, Anne Ludlow (Bus) (2) Chapel Hill, N. C. 

2 A. Sigma; Altar Guild; Chorus; Granddaughters: President 

St. Monica's. 
McGehee, Mary Polk, (Prep.) (1) Chapel Hill. N. C. 

— A. Sigma Ath.; St. Monica's; Granddaughters. 

McIver, Susie, '14 (1) Cheraw, S. C. 

E A II: Mu Ath.; St. Monica's; Choir. 
McMullan, Fannie Old, '13 (2) AK W Elizabeth City, N. C. 

— A: Mu Ath.; St. Margaret's Chapter; Chorus. 

Northex, Margaret Swift (Acad.) (1) 27 E. 5th St.. Atlanta, Ga . 

E A II. 


Northrop, Florie Wright, (Prep.) (i) 720 Market St., Wilmington, \. C 

J A; Mu Ath.; St. Anne's Chapter; Choir. 

Northrop, Kate Cumming, (Prep.) fi) 520 S. 3rd. Wilmington, N. C. 

1' A: Mu Ath.; St. Anne's Chapter, Granddaughters. 

Owen, Mary Hancock ('13) (4} Apartado 3S, Guatemala City. C. A. 

E AIT\ Mu Ath.; Altar Guild; Chorus; Dramatic Club; Muse Club; President Lucy 

Parker, Kathrvn DeRosset, '14 (4) Princeton, N. J. 

E A IT; Mu Ath.; St. Margaret's Chapter; Altar Guild; Choir. 

*Parker, Lula Everett, 'ii (3) West Raleigh. N. C. 

- A: Annual Muse Board. 

Peabodv, Carrie Burrus, '14 (r) 34 E. 3rd St., Atlanta, Ga. 

E A If ; Sigma Ath.; St. Elizabeth's Chapter; Altar Guild. 

Peace. Bessie Fitzhugh. (Prep.) (2) Watha, X. C. 

E A IT; Mu Ath., Lucy Bratton Chapter; Altar Guild. 

Pender. Katherine Marriott, (Prep.) (1) Tarboro, X. C. 

E A IT; Sigma Ath.; St. Monica's Chapter; Chorus; Granddaughters. 

Perry, Isabelue Hester. '11 (3) Henderson. X. C. 

Sigma Ath.; St. Agnes' Chap.; President J A; Muse Board; Monitor 

*Pratt, Frances Roberta (Bus) (1) .... Efland. X. C. 

Prettyman, Virginia Selden, '13 (4) \ J B . . . . . Summerville, S. C. 

E A II; St. Agnes'; Altar Guild; Chorus; Captain Sigma Ath.; Muse Club; 

Pugh, Lois, '16 (1) 404 E, Duffy St,. Savannah. Ga, 

^ A: Sigma Ath; St. Anne's Chapter; Choir. 

Quince, Margaret (Bus) (i) iS X. 7th, Wilmington, N. C. 

_y A; Sigma Ath; St. Catherine's Chapter. 

Rawlings, Susan Porter ('14) (2) _X J B Wilson. X, C. 

1 A, St. Margaret's Chapter; Altar Guild. 

Reese, Agnes, '15 (i) Savannah, Ga. 

E A II ; Lucy Bratton Chapter ; Choir. 
Reynolds, Virginia ('14) (2) __ Sumter, S. C. 

£ A; (Now Mrs. Benj. Hodges, ioio Mass. Ave., Cambridge, Mass.) 
Robinson, Helen Virgilia ('14) ( 3) K J Elizabeth City, N. C. 

J A; Mu Ath.; St. Margaret's; Altar Guild; Choir; Chorus. 
Rogers, Joanna Elizabeth ('13) (3) A 2 A . 1060 Riverside, Jacksonville, Fla. 

.T A; Sigma Ath; St. Margaret's Chapter. 

*Rogers, Margaret (Acad.) (1) 11S N. Wilmington, Raleigh, N. C. 

*Sanders, Louise (Bus.) (i) .... . . . . S. Boylan Ave., Raleigh, N. C. 

*Schwartz, Henrietta (Acad.) (4) Hillsboro Road, Raleigh, N. C. 

Scobell, Helen Isabell, (Acad.) (2) Apartado 0, Chihuahua, Mexico 

E A II , Mu Ath.; Lucy Bratton Chapter; Chorus; Riding Club. 
Shields, Anne Dupree, '14 (1) Scotland Neck, N. C. 

2 A\ St. Anne's Chapter; Altar Guild; Choir; Granddaughters. 
Shull, Zona May (Music )(i) Missoula, Mont. 

E All; Sigma Ath.; St. Catherine's; Choir; Altar Guild; Muse Club. 

Silver, Kate Hale, '14 (i) Morgan ton, N. C. 

Sims, Janie Ruffin, '12 (3) X A B . Maxwelton, Va. 

Sigma Ath. ; St. Agnes' Chap. ; Altar Guild ; Sec. Z A ; Class President ; Muse Board. Marshal. 
Small, Katherine Sanderson (Bus.) (2) Washington, N. C. 

E A IT; Sigma Ath.; St. Agnes' Chapter; Altar Guild. 

*Smith, Effie Rebecca, '16(1) 404 Hillsboro St., Raleigh, N. C. 

Smith, Elizabeth Maund, '15 (i) Wilmington, N. C. 

— A: St. Anne's Chapter; Choir; Granddaughters. 
Smith, Josephine Valentine, '14 (1) Rocky Mount, N. C. 

E A II, St. Monica's Chapter; Choir. 


54° Church St., Selma, Ala. 

30S Waucoma Ave, Birmingham, Ala. 

oiq N St., X. W., Washington, D. C. 

"The Elms," Raleigh, N. C. 

205 Gwinnett St.. Savannah, Ga. 

Smith, Kate Watson (Acad.) (1) 

E .1; St. Elizabeth's Chapter; Choir; Chorus. 
Smith, Katherine Dilworth, '14 (2) X J B 

E All . Mu Ath.; Lucy Bratton Chapter. 
Smith, Olive Ernestine, '15 (2) 

E A II: Sigma Ath.; St. Margaret's Chapter; Riding Clul 
Smith, Patsf.v Harrv, '12 (1) AK 9 

E A II: Mu Ath.; Lucy Bratton Chap.; Altar Guild; Muse Club; 
Sketch Club; Monitor; Debater. 
♦Stone, Florence Douglass, (Prep.) (4) 11S X. Bovlan Ave. Raleigh, X, C 

1 A 
Stovall, Pleasant Alexander, '16 (1) .... 

1' .1: Mu Ath.; Lucy Bratton Chap.; Chcir; Sketch CI 
Strong, Anna Cowan. '13 (2) ASA 

♦Strong, Frances Lambert, (Prep.) (4) 

Sturgeon, Amelia Pinknev, '14 (3) A J .... 

2 A; St. Margaret's; Muse Beard; Choir; Capt. Mu Tennis; 


Tarry, Elizabeth Anderson", (Acad.) (1) Woodworth, X, C 

E A II: Mu Ath.; St. Elizabeth's Chapter. 

Taylor, Mary Anna. (Prep.) (1) Oxford, X. C 

St. Anne's Chapter 

Taylor, Nannie Davis (Acad.) (1) Beaufort, X. C 

E A II: St. Agnes' Chapter; Chorus. 

♦Terrell, Marjory Brewster (Bus.) (1) E. Edenlon, Raleigh, N. C 

Thomas, Marie Jacquelin '14 (3) A - A Charlotte, X. C 

I A; St. Agnes' Chapter; Altar Guild; Choir; Muse Club 
♦Thompson, Elizabeth Warren, '13 (4) A J .... . 41S Halifax, Raleigh, X. C 

504 X. Blount St.. Raleigh. X, C. 

630 N. Blount St., Raleigh. X. C. 

Cary, X. C, 

*Tonnoffski, Josephine Pearl, 'ii (3) 310 W. Hargett, Raleigh, N. C. 

E All; Muse Board. 

■(•Tucker, Marie (Acad.) Pine Bluff, N. C. 

Turner, Catherine Blakeslee, '14 (2) Monteagle, Tenn. 

E A II ; Mu Ath. ; Lucy Brat ton Chapter; Chorus. 
Tyson, Mary Glenn, '14 (i) Carthage, N. C. 

— A ; St. Margaret's Chapter; Choir. 
Vann, Jessica, '14 (3) . Wilmington, N. C. 

E A 77; Capt. Mu Ath.; President St. Monica's Chapter; Altar Guild. 
Vaughan, Eva Baker, (Prep.) (1) South Boston, Va. 

E A 77; St. Elizabeth's Chapter; Chcir; Riding Club. 
Warren, Myrtle, '14 (i) Greenville, N. C. 

J£ A; Lucy Bratton Chapter. 
Webb, Adriana, (Prep.) (1) Houston, Va. 

J! A\ St. Elizabeth's Chapter; Granddaughters. 
Webb, Ovid, (Prep.) (1) Houston, Va. 

1 A; St. Elizabeth's Chapter; Granddaughters. 
Wells, Ruth Morrill, '14 {2} A' J 1328 Senate St., Columbia, S. C. 

E All; St. Margaret's Chapter. 
Westervelt, Irving Gaillard (Acad.) (1) Greenville, S. C. 

I A 
White, Bessie, '14 (1) A2 A Elizabeth City, N. C. 

E A II , St. Agnes' Chapter; Riding Club. 
Williams, Elinor Fornis, (Prep.) (1) Fort Screven, Ga. 

E A 77; Mu Ath.; St. Monica's Chapter; Choir. 
Williams, Julia, (Prep.) (1) Ringwood, N. C. 

E A 77; St. Anne's Chapter. 



Williams, Sadie (Acad.) (i) Augusta. Ga. 

E A //; St. Elizabeth's Chapter. 
"Williams, Willie Simpson, (Prep.) (i) Ringwood, X. C. 

E A 17; St. Anne's Chapter; Altar Guild; Choir, 
Williamson, Ethel Blount, (Prep.) (i) . Graham. X. C. 

Sigma Ath. ; Lucy Bratton Chapter; Choir; Chorus 
Wilson, Mary Blackburn, (Prep.) (i) Rock Hill. S. C. 

I A: St. Anne's Chapter: Choir; S. C. C 
Winslow, Bessie Blount (Bus.) (2) A K ¥ Hertford. X, C. 

Jf A. St. Margaret's Chapter; Granddaughters. 
Winston, Amabel Conyers '14 (2) K J Blount St., Raleigh. X. C. 

.T J; Lucy Bratton Chapter; Altar Guild; Granddaughters. 
Wood, Edna Louise '14 (2) .... ... 24 Elizabeth St., Charleston. S. C. 

1 .1; St. Margaret's Chapter; Mu Athletic Club. 

*Wood, Mary John (Acad.) (3) ■ Roxobel. X. C. 

2 A. Granddaughters. 

Wood. Rebecca Bennehan, '12 (4) A 2' A Edenton. X. C. 

President E A II Society; President Sketch Club; President St. Margaret's; Muse 
Beard ; Monitor. 
Woodruff, Jennie '14 (1) Summerville. S. C. 

2 A: Sigma Ath.; Altar Guild; Muse Club; President St. Catherine's; Monitor. 
Woodson, Carol, '14 (1) Birmingham. Ala. 

JT A: St. Elizabeth's Chapter; Chorus; Riding Club, 
Wright, Helen Cherry, (Prep.) (1) Boardman. X. C. 

E AJJ\ Mu Ath.; St. Monica's Chapter . 
Wright. Martha Bowden, (Prep.) (1) Boardman. N. C. 

E A II . MuAth.St. Monica's Chapter; Choir. 

Ol)£ <Hass of 1911 


Colors: Yellow and White 

Motto: Excelsior 

Flower: Daisy 

Josephine Pearl Tonnoffskt 

Isabel Hester Perry 

Mary Rebecca Merritt 

Ina Hoskins Jones 

Nell Battle Lewis 

Lula Everett Parker 



Mr. Cruikshaxk 

Freshies knocking at the gate 
Of St. Mary's. Wide awakel 
Reputations yet to make. 

Up a step and feeling fine. 
Sophomoresl Ah, full of knowledgel 
Quite the wisest in the college. 

Forward, upward still we go! 
Juniors work if they would soar 
En avant! Excelsior! 

Seniorsl And the course welj done! 
Hail that all-important date 
When at last we graduate. 

Ina Hoskins Jones 

' Content thyself to be obscurely good. 

Nell Battle Lewis, 

If to be . . 

Mary Rebecca Merritt 


' On their own merits modest men are dumb.' 

Lula Everett Parker 

West Raleigh 

" For smiles from reason flow.' 


Isabel Hester Perry 

Henderson, X. C. 
1 For what I will. I will, and there's an end.' 

Josephine Pearl Tonnoffski 

The heart to conceive, the understanding to direct, the hand to execute 

,s ^ r -: 

-A, Jpropfyec? 

I peeped into the future; 

My peep became a stare — 
It almost scared me sightless 

To see what I saw there. 

It chilled my bones when Ina Jones 

Appealed — a dainty fay; 
It seemed that she had come to be 

A dancer in ballet. 

Then forth there strode in mannish mode- 

Her costume was — aheml 
With cigarettel The suffragette, 

Our own Rebecca M 1 

Tonnoffski I then next espy; 

What changes do occur! — 
Begoggled, she had come to be 

An aeroplane chauffeur. 

The Class of Nineteen-'leven 
Walked past me in review- 

The girls of Nineteen-'leven 
In Nineteen twenty-two. 

Then came to pass the looking-glass 

A nun fresh from her cell. 
Though it appear so very queer. 

That nun was little Nell. 

When caught my eye dear "Cherry Pie," 

She proudly made it clear 
She'd changed her name on winning fame 

By lectures on Shakespeare. 

And then the last: there hurried past 

Fresh from Society, 
With hair a-curl and in a whirl, 

Miss Lula Everett P . 

Are you amazed that I was dazed 
That such should be in store? 

My nerves were shook; I ceased to Iook:- 
No, nol Don't ask me more. 



Candidates for Certificates 


Ruth Reynolds Critz 
Helen Elizabeth McArthur 
Rebecca Bennehan Wood 
Bessie Smedes Erwin 
Agnes Tixsley Harrison 


Julia Borden 

Amelia Pinkney Sturgeon 


Zona May Shull 


Agnes Tinsley Harrison 


Nell Battle Lewis 
Rebecca Bennehan Wood 

Candidates for (Certificates 

Julia Borden, A .1 

Goldsboro, N. C. 


Ruth Reynolds Critz, A K ¥ Winston-Salem, N. C. 


Bessie Smedes Erwin, A J 

West Durham, N. C. 


Candidates for Certificates 

Agnes Tinsley Harrison, AM 


Atlanta, Ga. 

Nell Battle Lewis, II A Raleigh, N. C. 


Helen Elizabeth McArthur, A J <D 


Winston-Salem, N. C. 


Candidates for (Certificates 

Zona May Sholl, 

Missoula, Mont. 


Amelia Pinkney Sturgeon, A J Cary, N. C. 


Rebecca Bennehan Wood, ASA. . Edenton, N. C. 

Academic and Art 

Colors: While and Gold 

Janie Ruffix Sims 
Rebecca Bennehan Wood 
Agnes Tinsley Harrisox, 

Class of 1912 


Motto: Facta Non Verba 

Flower: Marechal Neil Rose 


Nellie Hendricks 

Elizabeth Hughes 

Agnes Tinsley Harrison 
Janie Ruffix Sims 

Patsy Harry Smith 

Rebecca Bennehan Wood 

. President 


Secret arv-Treasurer 

R. Wood 

J. Sims 

N. Hexdricks 

Ol)e Class of 1913 

Colors: Purple and White 


Motto : Covet earnestly the best gifts 

Bessie Smedes Erwin 


Ruth Reynolds Critz 

B. Arthur 
J. Borden 
M. Broadfoot 
R. Critz 
B. Erwin 
M. Erwin 
M. Green 

B. Henderson 
C. Jones 
II. Jones 
E. Learv 

Flower: Violet 

. President 





L. Lockhart 
M. L. Manning 
E. Maxwell 
M. G. Mitchell 
H. McArthur 

F. McMullan 
M. Owen 
V. Prettyman 
J. Rogers 
A. Strong 
E. Thompson 


w j 

The Class ol 1913 

Ol)£ Class of 1914 


Colors: Red and Gold 

Flower: Wild Rose 

Motto: Perse modo 


Brumby Field ■ 


Jennie Dick Harris 



Gaither . 



E. Barnwell 

M. Gaither 

L. Lee 

K. Silver 

E. Bouknight 

E. Grubb 

R. Lee 

J. Smith 

D. Brown 

M. Haigh 

F. Lilly 

K. D. Smith 

K. Bruce 

J. Harris 


A. Sturgeon 

M. Butler 

L. Harrison 

E. Lloyd 

M. Thomas 

S. Cooper 

C. Hawkins 

E. Mann 

C. Turner 

B. Davis 

S. Heyward 

E. Morris 

M. Tyson 

E. Davis 

L. M. Hoppe 

M. McCullers 

J. Yann 

E. Dortch 

H. Jackson 

S. McIyer 

M. Warren 

L. Dortch 

J. Jackson 

K. Parker 

R. Wells 

B. DuBose 

E. Johnson 

C. Feabody 

B. White 

S. Fenner 


S. Rawlings 

A. Winston 

A. Field 

S. Kitchin 

V. Reynolds 

E. Wood 

F. Fitchett 

K. Lassiter 

H. Robinson 

J. Woodruff 

B. Fuller 

M. Leard 

N. Shields 

C. Woodson 

The Class ol 1914 

Y. Baber 

A. Barbee 

B. Blackmer 
H. Broadwood 
M. Brown 

A. Clarkson 
J. Cooper 
G. Crews 


M. Emery 
K. Ferebee 
M. Fletcher 
M. Fowle 


O. Harris 

^preparatory iDepartmertt 

Ol)ir6 an6 jFourtl) pilars 

D. Hopkins 

E. A. Lay 

E. Marriott 

F. Miller 

F. McDoxald 
M. P. McGehee 
F. Northrop 
K. Northrop 
B. Feace 
K. Pender 
L. Pugh 
A. Reese 
Effie Smith 
Elizabeth Smith 
0. E. Smith 

F. Stone 
P. Stovall 
F. Strong 
E. Tarry 
M. Taylor 
E. Vaughan 
A. Webb 
O. Webb 
E. Williams 
J. Williams 
W. Williams 
E. Williamson 
M. Wilson 
H. Wright 
M. Wright 

Z5l)e School Hfottors 

Winiidrs of tl)* 5liks MUfcal 

The highest annual award for scholarship. Awarded to the same student only once. 

iqo6 — Lillian Hauser Farmer. '07, of Walterboro, S. C. 
1907 — Paula Elizabeth Hazard. '10, of Georgetown, S. C. 
1908 — Minnie Tamplet Hazard, '10, of Georgetown, S. C. 
1909 — Georgia Stanton Hales, '09, of Wilson, N. C. 
1910 — Virginia R. B. Pickel, 'ro, of Raleigh, N. C. 


Helen Caldwell Areson Virginia Randolph Bolling Pickel 

Mary Mitchell Chamberlain Mary Gladys Redwood 

Julia Fisher Coke Ila Adele Rountree 

Irma Deaton Rebecca Hill Shields 

Ella Dorroh Bertha Helena Smith 

Paula Elizabeth Hazard Florence Douglas Stone 

Alice Leigh Hines Frances Strong 

Rebecca Merritt Josephine Tonnoffski 

Mary Alice Perry Rebecca Bennehan Wood 

Alice Noble 



Tb\)& Uttter-Societ? iDebates 

iqo2 — Poetry vs. Prose. Won by Sigma Lambda, Negative. 

1903 — Man vs. Woman. Won by Sigma Lambda, Affirmative. 

1904 — Japan vs. Russia. Won by Epsilon Alpha Pi, Negative. 

1905 — Indiscriminate Education. Won by Sigma Lambda, Negative. 

1906 — The Modern Novel. Won by Epsilon Alpha Pi, Negative. 

1 907 — Higher Education of Woman. Won by Sigma Lambda, Negative. 

1908 — Lee vs. Davis. Won by Epsilon Alpha Fi, Negative. 

1909 — Woman Suffrage. Won by Sigma Lambda, Negative. 

igio — Capital Punishment. Won by Epsilon Alpha Fi, Negative. 

191 1 — Resolved, That the Modern Stage is beneficial rather than harmful. 

Affirmative — Epsilon Alpha Fi. Negative — Sigma Lambda. 

E A II : Patsy Harry Smith, '12, and Elizabeth Woodard Leary. 
J A: Ruth Reynolds Critz and Agnes Tinsley Harrison'. 



TEpsiloit Alpba # i literary Society 

(Founded 1900) 

Colors: Old Rose and Sage Motto; Where high thoughts are duly Flower: Wild Rose 


Nell B. Lewis, President Margaret L. Erwin, Treasurer 

Rebecca B. Wood, President Mtllian C. Green, Critic 

Rebecca B. Wood, Vice-President Bessie S. Erwin. Historian 

Patsy H. Smith, Vice-President Ruth M. Wells, Teller 

Elizabeth W. Leary, Secretary Kathrvn DeR. Parker, Teller 

Elizabeth W. Leary. Chief 
Nellie Hendricks Patsey Smith Rebecca B. Wood 


Patsy Smith Elizabeth Leary 


Miss Hill Miss Lee Miss McKimmon Miss Scheper Miss Victor 

Miss Horsley Miss Luney Mr. Owen Miss Urquhart Miss Walton 
Mr, Lay 


Baber Dayis, B, Harris. O. Morris Shull Vann 

Barber Dayis, E. Hendricks McComb Small Vaughan 

Barton Divine Hoppe McIyer Smith, J Wells 

Brady Edens Jackson, H. Northen Smith, K. D. White 

Bradshaw Erwin, B. Jackson. J. Owen Smith. O. Williams, E. 

Bragaw Erwin, M. Lay, E. A. Parker Smith. P. Williams, J, 

Branham Fowle Leary Peabody Tarry Williams. W. 

Brown Gilbert Lewis Peace Taylor Wood, R. 

Cooper, J. Green Lloyd Pender Tonnoffski Wright, H. 

Cooper, S. Harris, J. D. Marriott Prettyman Turner \\ right, M. 
Ccthbert Harris, M. Miller Sgobell 

FACULTY ADVfSER-Mu. Cruikshank 

The Epsilon Alpha Pi Literary Society, 1910-1911 


Sigma Camb6a Citerar? Society 

Colors: Purple and Gray 

(Founded igool 

Motto: Lit with the Sun 

Flower: Yellow Jessamine 

Isabel H. Perry, President 
Bessie W. Arthur, Vice-President 
Janie R. Sims, Secretary 
E. Bvrd Henderson, Treasurer 


Hortense H. Jones, Corresponding Secretar 
Elizabeth Barnwell, Historian 
Caroline A. Lockhart, Critic 
Julia Borden, Teller 
Susan P. Rawlings, Teller 

Amelia P. Sturgeon Helen McArthur 

Janie R. Sims 

Ruth R. Critz 

Miss Dorroh 
Miss Dowd 
Miss Fenner 
Miss Buxton 


Mrs. Gretter 
Miss Sherwin 
Mr. Stone 
Miss Sutton 

Tinsley Harrison 

Miss Thomas 
Miss VanDyne 
Miss Wilson 

Sigma Camb6a Cittrar? Society 










Bur foot 












Grubb, B. 
Grubb, E. 

Harrison, L. 
Harrison, T. 
Jones, C. 
Jones, H. 
K Y l E 








McGehee, A. 

McGehee, M. } 


Northrop, F. 
Northrop, K. 
Rogers. J. 


Smith, E. 
Smith. K. D. 
Webb. A. 
Webb, O. 


Wood, E. 
Wood. M. J. 





gUpfja &appa $£t 

{Founded at St. Mary's, igoo ) 

® &'&<$ © 

Alpha Chapter, Alpha Kappa Psi 





Sigma Nl 


Atpl)a Iftappa Jp sl 

Founded and chartered at St. Mary's, igoo. Nationalized, 1904 


St. Mary's .... 

Wesleyan College 
Woman's College 

Stetson University 
Gunston Hall 

Raleigh, N. C, 

Monteagle, Tenn. 

Macon, Ga. 

Tallahassee, Fla. 

Deland, Fla. 

Washington, D. C. 

.Alpfya Chapter 

Colors: Wedgwood Blue and Gold 


Eleanor Walter Thomas 

Ella Dorroh 

Mrs. Perrin Chiles Cothran (Annie W. Howe) 

Flower: Forget-me-not 

Louise Hill 

Nannie Elizabeth Smith 

Margaret Gray Stedman 
Bessie Wilson Arthur 

Katharine Marsden Bruce 

Margaret Strange Broadfoot 
Ruth Reynolds Critz 
Sarah Baker Fenner 

Laura Margaret Hoppe 

Hortense Haughton Jones 
Mary Gibbes Mitchell 
Fannie Old McMullan 
Patsey Harry Smith 

Bessie Blount Winslow 

Eappa IBelta 

(Entered St. Mary's, 1(104) 



1 <§ 

Phi Delta Chapter, Kappa Delta 

~M,a$$a J)elta 

Foil nihil. 1892 
F lo w e r : Wh itc Rose 






Phi Psi 


I'm Delta 

Rho Omega Phi 

Kappa Alpha 


Sigma Sigma 

Chartered, 1902 

Colors: Olive Green and White 


State Normal College 

Hollins Institute 
University of Alabama 

Caldwell College 

Northwestern University 

Fairmount Seminary 

Gunston Hall 

St. Mary's 

Judson College 

Florida College for Women 

Illinois Wesleyan University 

Iowa State College 

. Farmville, Va. 

. Hollins, Va. 

Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

Danville. Ky. 

Evanston, 111. 

Washington, D. C. 

Washington, D. C. 

. Raleigh, N. C. 

Marion, Ala. 

Tallahassee, Fla. 

Bloomington, 111. 

Ames, la. 


jpbi 4>etta (Tljapter 

Anna Nash Buxton 


Mrs. Carol Lamb Mann (Yanita Cribbs) 
Josephine Engelhard Boylan 
Katharine Boylan 

Emily Louise Drewry 
Katharine Wharton 
Louise Bruce Wright 


Lucy Bayard Dortch 
Julia Borden 
Bessie Smedes Erwin 
Margaret Locke Erwin 
Anne Brumby Field 
Jennie Dick Harris 
Agnes Tinsley Harrison 

Mary Louise Manning 
Anne McKimmon 
Elizabeth Morris 
Helen Virgilia Robinson 
Amelia Pinkney Sturgeon 
Elizabeth Warren Thompson 
Amabel Conyers Winston 

Ruth Morril Wells 

&lpi)a i£>igma lUptja 

(Entered St. Mary's, lQof) 



Gamma Beta Sigma Chapter, Alpha Sigma Alpha 

.ALpfya Sigma .Alpfya 

Founded, 1900 

Chartered, 1901 

Flower: American Beauty 

Colors: Crimson ar.d Silver 




Sigma Phi Epsilon 

Gamma Beta Sigma 

Kappa Phi 

Nu ... 


State Normal School 

Ward Seminary 

Randolph-Macon Woman's Colleg 

Brenau College 

St. Mary's 

Mt. Union College 

Shorter College 

Farmville, Ya. 

Nashville, Tenn. 

Lynchburg, Va. 

Gainesville, Ga. 

. Raleigh, N. C. 

Alliance, Ohio 

Rome, Ga. 


(Bamma ^eta Sigma (t^apter 


Lizzie Hinton Lee 


Nannie Davis Lee 


Nell Battle Lewis 
Evelyn Cameron Maxwell 
Joanna Elizabeth Rogers 
Anna Cowan Strong 

Marie Jacquelin Thomas 

Bessie White 

Rebecca Bennehan Wood 

..v - 

<Tt)i IDclta ^eta 

Orgaxized: 1910 

Colors: Black ami Gold 

Flower: Black-Eyed Susan 


Miss Martha Austin Down Miss Kate McKimmon 

Miss Bertha May Luney Miss Helen Urquhart 


Elizabeth Barnwell 
Mary Skinner Gaither 
Elizabeth Byrd Henderson 
Elizabeth Murray Johnson 
Caroline Ashe Lockhart 

Helen Elizabeth McArthur 
Elizabeth Woodard Leary 
Virginia Selden Prettyman 
Susan Porter Rawlings 
Katherine Dilworth Smith 

Janie Ruffin Sims 

Chi Delta Beta 

.An Cver^da? Sketch 

CHE little maples by the path rustle their red-gold leaves and grow more brilliant in the 
soft sunshine of Indian Summer, and the pillars of the big porch gleam white against the 
dull red of Main Building. 

A group of girls are lounging idly on the broad steps. Some one murmurs the opening 
lines of the collect for the day, and the crowd takes it up, chanting in sing-song fashion, then 
relapses into its former tranquility. They watch the girls scattered over the grove or the 
squirrel that works busily, or survey with tranquil satisfaction their own carefully manicured 
nails, and, drowsy in the warm sunshine, rest silent, idly content. 

Off somewhere a whistle sounds, a window is raised, a head is thrust out and, 

"Hello! In a minute," and the window bangs shut again. 

A girl comes out of East Rock, her arms full of yellow chrysanthemums. The crowd 
hums, "Here comes the bride," and laughs. Someone jumps up from the steps and, leaving 
the crowd lazily protesting at the disturbance, runs down to the girl with the flowers, throws 
an arm around her shoulders, and they go over to chapel together. 

Over at the chapel people are busy. Chapel is the heart of the place. They are dressing 
the altar with chrysanthemums. The organist is playing the Processional over softly, and 
two girls are collecting the hymnals. Miss Katie is there. 

The evening service, the sweetest service of all, is ending. The Recessional is "The Son 
of God goes forth to war," and everybody sings. After supper people drift into the parlor, 
and into the schoolroom to write letters. Out on the porch the moonlight is very bright and 
the stars are crisp and clear. In the parlor someone with a very sweet voice is singing the 
"Song of the Soul," and you sit in the shadow of a column with your arms around your best 
friend and think, and don't say much. 

After a time someone comes out and suggests ghost stories in the parlor with the lights 
out, and you go in. 

Pretty soon you find that you and the crowd around are the only ones that are left in the 
parlor. So the crowd rises slowly, yawns, and disperses. .Nell B. Lewis. 



Miss McKimmon 
Elizabeth Woodard Leary 
Rebecca Bennehan Wood 

M. Barber 
B. Barnwell 


M. Broadfoot 
D. Brown 

K. Bruce 
B. Davis 

B. DuBose 
B. Erwin 

M. Erwin 
A. Field 


M. Gaither 


F. Gilbert 
M. Green 
L. Griffith 

T5t)<i ^Uar <Buil6 

M. Haigh 
L. Harrison 

B. Henderson 
E. Hughes 

C. Jones 
H. Jones 

K. Lassiter 

N. Lewis 
E. Lloyd 

L. Lockhart 
M. L. Manning 

E. Marriott 
E. Maxwell 

M. Mewborn 
H. McArthur 

A. McGehee 
M. Owen 


K. Parker 

C. Peabody 
B. Peace 

V. Prettyman 
S. Rawlings 

H. Robinson 
J. Rogers 

N. Shields 
Z. Shull 

J. Sims 
K. Small 

P. Smith 
M. Thomas 

J. Vann 
W. Williams 

A. Winston 
J. Woodruff 

The Chapel 

Ol)£ 3unior .Auxiliary 

Miss Sutton 
Caroline Jone c 
Ruth Bra.nham 
Nannie Shields 
Florie Northrop 

Miss McKimmon 
Jessica Yann 
Anne McGehee 
Emily Marriott 
Sophronia Cooper 

Miss Victor 
Anne Field 
Carol Woodson 
Elizabeth Tarry 


. Directress 

. President 
. Secretary 
. Treasurer 


Miss Urquhart 

. Elizabeth Hughes 

Janie Sims 

. Isabel Ferry 

. Helen McArthur 


Miss Thomas 

. Jennie Woodruff 

Mary Gibbes Mitchell 

Zona Shull 

Zona Shull 


Miss Hill 

Mary < >\yen 

Patsy Smith 

. Nellie Hendricks 

1 •--- . 

Miss Buxton 
Rebecca Wood . 
Amelia Sturgeon* 
Julia Borden 
Ruth Critz 

I IJUf 1 !U 

X5\c)Z "Junior ^uxilian>===(Tontiriueo 


. Directress 



. Secretary 




Miss Fenner 
Miss Sutton 
Miss Thomas 

Ol)e Roman's -Auxiliary 

. President 



Ol)e Song of tl)e Siren 

"Oh, come from the toil of the tossing sea, 

From the rocking ship by the storm-winds blown; 
Oh, come to my cave by the restless sea, 

Where I sit and sigh alone. 
Come, cease from the struggle of Fame's vain quest; 

Forget the hopes of the days to be; 
Come lay your head on my waiting breast, 

And love with me. 

"Here on the rock where the wild waves break. 

And the sea-wind blows through my golden hair, 
I sing a song of a deathless love 

In a land where the days are fair. 
Oh, cease from the struggle of wasted toil 

In pursuit of the dreams that will ne'er come truel 
Ah, can you not see on the shore I stand, 

With my arms stretched out to you? 

"Ah woe to you that heeds my song, 

And turn from your course to come to me! 
For sharp and rough are the hidden rocks 

That lie in the sun-kissed sea; 
For the sailor tossed in the ship a-main 

Sees only the calm of the smiling beach; 
Ah, little you know of the rotting wrecks, 

And the dead men's bones that bleach." 
N. B. L. 







Ol)e .Athletic ^Association. 

Agnes Tinsley Harrison 
Jessica Vann 

Virginia Selden Prettyma:: 
Joanna Elizabeth Rogers 

Amelia Pinkney Sturgeon 
Jessica Vann 



President and Captain of Basketball 
Captain of Tennis 


President and Captain of Tennis 
Captain of Basketball 



Sigma Basketball Team 

V. Prettyman I. Perry K. Lassiter 

M. Ouixce M. Barber L. Pugh 


Sigma -Athletic (Hub 

Virginia Selden Prettyman. President 

B. Arthur H. Jones C. Peabody 

B. Barton K. Lassiter K. Pexder 

J. Borden A. McGehee L. Pugh 

L. Brady M. P. McGehee M. Quince 

M. Broadfoot G. McComb J. Rogers 

D. Brown J. D. Harris J. Sims 

S. Cooper N. Gibbs K. Small 

M. Emery I. Ferry O. E. Smith 

M. Erwin M. C. Green E. Williamson 

A. Field 


Sigma Tennis Club 

5ttu mtbletic dlub 

Amelia Pinkney Sturgeon, President 

E. Bouknight N. Hendricks K. Northrop 

R. Branham L. M. Hoppe K. Parker 

M. Brown E. Hughes B. Peace 

K. Bracaiv J. Jackson H. Robinson 

M. Butler L. Josev H. Scobell 

J. Cooper F. Kyle E. Smith 

R. Critz S. Leak P. Smith 

N. Cuthbert N. Lewis K. Smith 

B. Davis F. Lilly P. Stoyall 

E. Davis M. Linthicum E. Tarry 

M. Edexs E. Morris C. Turner 

B. Erwin F. McMullan J. Yann 

B. Fuller F. Northrop E. Williams 

M. Haigh S. McIver E. Wood 

T. Harrison M. Wright 

Mu Tennis Club 

Mu Basketball Team 

Miss Buxtox J. Vaxx (Captain) E. Llovd 

P. Stovall T. Harrison E. Maxwell 

>—:'__ jm 1 

<o\)z yClusz (Hub 

The Muse Club publishes the Muse, monthly and annual, the annual being gotten out under the direc- 
tion of the Senior Class. 

The Club as at present organized is limited in membership to twenty-five, vacancies in the membership 
being filled from the student body by the Club. 

Nell Battle Lewis, ex-officio, President 

Bessie Wilson Arthur 
Ruth Reynolds Critz 
Bessie Smedes Erwin 
Anne Brumby Field 
Millian Cooke Green 
Lucy Garrett Harrison 
Agnes Tinsley Harrison 

Elizabeth Byrd Henderson 
Nellie Hendricks 
Elizabeth Hughes 
Caroline Clarke Jones 

Hortense Haughton Jones 

Elizabeth Woodard Leary 
Caroline Ashe Lockhart 

Helen Elizabeth McArthur 
Gertrude Elizabeth McComb 
Mary Hancock Owen 
Isabel Hester Perry 
Virginia Selden Prettyman 
Zona May Shull 
Janie Ruffin Sims 
Patsey Harry Smith 

Amelia Pinkney Sturgeon 
Marie Jacquelin Thomas 

Josephine Pearl Tonnoffski 
Rebecca Bennehan Wood 
Jennie Woodruff 
Mr. Cruikshank, Faculty Director 


The Muse Club, 1910-1911 

Sing a Song of Mlusing 

Sing a song of "Musing," 
Of pleasure, careless ease; 

See the happy Muse Board 
Doing what they please. 

The "Boss" 'is up in East Rock. 
Spooning with "Louise;" 

A. Sturgeon's listening, breathless. 
To "E. C's." philosophies; 

Dear Byrd, the "glass of fashion," 
Is sporting down the street 

And Perry I's. preparing 
A program for the meet. 

C. Jones for '"her Amelia" 
Is waiting on the steps; 

The "patron saint," E. Leary. 
Is busy nursing Preps. 

B. Erwin's hunting "Birdie" 

To tell her troubles to, 
And Janie Sims is sleeping — 

(She's nothing else to do). 

Tonnoffski's busy studying. 
Distinctions great to win; 
The "practical" Rebecca 

Is calling on her kin; 

R. Critz, the prize debater, 
Is airing of her views; 

But Hughes, the ever-faithful, 
Is busy getting news. 

So sing a song of "Musing;" 
Who'll undertake to guess 

When, with such great industry, 
The Muse will get to press? 

— Nell Battle Lewis 

Miss Fenxer 

Rebecca Benxehan Wood 

Margaret Barber 

Colors: Purple and While 

Motto: Art is Power. 

Tbhz Sketch Club 


Margaret Barber 

Hilda Broadwood 
Ada Burfoot 
Eleaxor Davis 

Virginia Divine 

Beverly DuBose 
Frances Kyle 

Nell Lewis 
Evelyn Maxwell 

Gertrude McComb 
Patsey Smith 
Pleasaxt Stovall 
Rebecca Wood 



Flower: Wistaria 

0\)z (Braitddaugfyters anb <&reat <Bran66augt)ters of 

St. ^UarY's 

Organized i(joq 

Colors: Light Blue and White 
Motto: Lest we forget 

Flower: Pansy 
Song: Aulrf Lang . 

Julia Borden, of Goldsboro, gd. of Georgia Whitfield, of Goldsboro. 
rent Blackmer, of Salisbury, d. of Margaret Davis, of Statesville. 
Julia Horner Cooper 
Sophronia Cooper 
Grace Kearney Crew; 
Lucy Bayard Dortch 
Elizabeth Dortch 

Beverly Means DuBosb, of Columbia, S. 
Bessie Smedes Erwin \ 
Margaret Locke Erwin / 
Bessie Folk, of Raleigh, ggd. of Elizabeth McMorin, of Edenton; gd. of Martha Martin, of Edenton. 
Mary Skinner Gaither, of Hertford, d. of Elizabeth Wood, of Hertford. 
Lucy Garrett Harrison, of Enfield, d. of Mary Garrett, of Medoc, N, C. 
Mary Frances Hodgson, of Jacksonville, Fla., d. of Anna Rogers, of Pittsboro. 
Elizabeth Hughes, of Raleigh, gd. of Carolina V. Hughes, of Chocowinity; d. of Martha E. Harding, of 

Helen Jackson, of Petersburg, Va., d. of Eliza Pannell, of Petersburg. 
Hortense Haughton Jones, of Asheville, d. of Luicy Haughton, of Pittsbcro. 

> of Oxford, d. of Julia Horner, of Oxford. 
of Raleigh, d. of Kate Sutton, of Pittsboro. 
\ of Raleigh, d. of Lucy Hogg, of Raleigh. 

C, d. of Beverly Means, of Fairfield Co., S. C. 
-of Durham, d. of Sadie Smedes, of Raleigh. 

Nell Battle Lewis, of Raleigh, gd. of Mary Long Daniel, of Halifax. 

Frances Hinsdale Lilly, of Fayettevillc, d. of Elizabeth McRae, of Fayetteville. 

Caroline Ashe Lockhart, of Wadesboro, d. of Caroline Ashe, of Wadesboro. 

Mary Louise Manning, of Durham, d. of Mary Shaw Amyette, of New Berne. 

Emily Marriott, of Battleboro, d. of Emily Pippen, of Tarboro. 

Helen Elizabeth McArthlr, of Winston, d. of Cleve Sawyer, of Edenton. 

Melba McCuLLERsrof Clayton, gd. of Cornelia Lee, of Clayton. 

Anne Ludlow McGehee \ of Chapel Hill, gd. of Sallie Polk Badger, of Person Co.; d. of Eliza Skinner, 

Mary Polk McGehee J of Raleigh. 

Katharine Marriott Pender, of Tarboro, d. of Sallie Pippen, of Tarboro. 

Susan Porter Rawlings, of Wilson, d. of Sallie Daniel, of Wilson. 

Nannie Shields, of Scotland Neck, d. of Rebecca N. Hill, of Scotland Neck. 

Kate Hale Silver, of Morganton, d. of Kate Sprague. of Morganton. 

Elise Smith, of Wilmington, d. of Carrie Wright Strange, of Wilmington. 

Anna Cowan Strong, of Raleigh, d. of Sallie Hall Smith, of Scotland Neck. 

Frances Lambert Strong, of Raleigh, d. of Daisy Horner, of Oxford. 

Adriana Webb 1 of Houston Va _ gd of Adriana Tucker, of Raleigh; d. of Eliza Howerton, of Houston 

Ovid Webb J 

Amabel Conyers Winston, of Raleigh, d. of Sophronia Horner, of Oxford. 

Mary John Wood, of Roxobel, gd. of Henrietta Anthony, of Scotland Neck. 

Rebecca Bennehan Wood, of Edenton, d. of Rebecca Collins, of Hillsboro. 


Granddaughters, 1910-11 

iDramatic (Hub 

Miss Victor, Directress 


Miss Helen Urquhart 

Agnes Tinsley Harrison 

Elizabeth Byrd Henderson- 
Helen Elizabeth McArthur 
Mary Hancock Owen 

Katharine Small 


Soutl) Carolina (Tlub 

Colors: Blue and White 

Emblem: Palmetto 

Motto: Dam spiro spero 

Bessie Arthur, Union 
Elizabeth Barnwell, 


Miss Dorroh, Greenville 

Miss Scheper, Beaufort 

Miss Thomas, Columbia 


Emma Bouknight, Trenton 

Amelia Clarkson, Wateree 
Beverly DuBose, Columbia 

Margaret Edens, Clio 
Sallie Heyward, Beaufort 

Susie McIver, Cheraw 
Mary G. Mitchell, Greenville 

Fannie Miller, Trenton 
Virginia Prettyman, Summerville 

Virginia Reynolds, Sumter 
Ruth Wells, Columbia 

Edna Wood, Charleston 
Jennie Woodruff, Summerville 

Mary Wilson, Rock Hill 


1911 Statistics 

Rebecca Wood 
(Most practical) 

Xell Lewis 
(Most versatile) 

Amelia Sturgeon* 
(Most popular) 

1911 Statistics 


Catherine Turner 
(Best dancer) 


'He says a thousand pleasant things, 

But never says, 'adieu.'" 

'Who were as like as one pea is to another." 
'Whom conscience, ne'er asleep, 

Wounds with incessant strokes, not loud, but deep 
'The mirror of all courtesy." .... 

' I loathe that low vice, curiosity." 
'And what they dare to dream of: dare to do." 
'As good to be out of the world as out of fashion." 
' We have been friends together, 

In sunshine and in shade." .... 

'Though vanquished, we could argue still." 
'For idleness is an appendix to nobility." 
'And still care not a pin 

What they say or may say." .... 
'Oh, keep me innocent; make others great!" 
'An unextinguished laughter shakes the skies." 
'Out of too much learning become mad." 

K. Pender 
W. and J. Williams 

. M. Erwin 
P. Smith 
. F. McMullan 
Miss Katie's Dormitory 
R. Bexcixi 

R. Critz and H. Jones 

E. Maxwell 

K. Bruce 

A. Sturgeon 

H. Robinson 

F. Gilbert 

. R. Wells 

hiding (Hub 

■ M. llx I 

Virginia Prettyman 
Julia Borden 
Miss Luney 
Miss Van Dyne . 





Julia Borden 

Margaret Broadfoot 

Hilda Broadwood 

Martha Harris 

Virginia Huttenhauer 
Frances Kyle 

Shepherd Leak 
Elise Lloyd 
Evelyn Maxwell 
Gertrude McComb 

Virginia Prettyman 
Helen Scobell 
Olive Smith 

Eva Vaughan 
Bessie White 
Carol Woodson 


1 1 :oo a. m. 
She's just a plain St. Mary's girl, 

A dainty little maid 
Who hates to get the fatal "slip," 

And Iovp.s a serenade. 

8:30 p. m. 
But now she is a powdered dame. 

With gems and rare old lace, 
Whose sweeping train is managed 

With dexterity and grace. 

Or now she is a fearful "spook," 
Who moves in solemn gloom; 

And now an old and wrinkled witch, 
A-riding on a broom. 

With clumping sabots now she comes, 
A Dutch girl, "just too cute;" 

Nor does she fear the Indian brave 
That's in such hot pursuit 

She turns now to the happy days 
Of childhood, free from care; 

A little girl with flowing curls. 
She hugs her Teddy Bear. 

Now quite demure she "tells her beads " 
And counts them one by one; 

Absorbed in meditation deep — 
A sweet and pious nun. 

She now appears a Puritan, 

In simplest fashion dressed; 
And now with clanking spurs she comes 

Straight from the "wild, wild West." 

And now a sporty college chap. 
With trousers rolled just right; 

And now a little "nigger gal" 
With "pig-tails" plaited tight. 


io;oo p, m. 
Oh yes. she can be all these things. 

But at the stroke of tun 
You'll see, if you're observant, 
Just the same sweet girl again. 

— N. B. L. 


-A, Stu6? in U aspiration 

The Muse Board sat a-thinking and communed with itself thus: 
"There can't be any special use in making a great fuss 
Because we can't write all we would, or even get it writ; 
The inspiration certainly will come if it sees fit. 
We'll sit and ponder on the themes which should inspire the muse 
Of a St. Mary's Editor. Away, ye loathsome blues! 
We'll sit right here and ponder till we inspiration get." 

(So far as I have been informed, they sit and ponder yet.) 

The Muse Board sat and pondered on a multitude of themes. 
For "serious poems," "essays," "sketches," "rhymes," and even "dreams. 
They searched St. Mary's over for the subjects for some hits; 
They took each likely subject and dissected it to bits. 
The fickle muse was wary and the inspiration nil; 
Each Editor grew weary, each Editor felt ill. 
But they'll sit right there and ponder till they inspiration get. 

(So far as I have been informed, they sit and ponder yet.) 


Ol)£ .Annual !&oard 

Lula Everett Parker 
Isabel Hester Perry 
Josephine Pearl Tonnoffski 

Nell Battle Lewis 

Elizabeth Byrd Henderson 

Ina Hoskins Jones 

Mary Rebecca Merritt 

Elizabeth Woodard Leary, Business Manager 
Amelia Pinkney Sturgeon, Assistant Business Manager 

You'll be thinking of St. Mary's 

As yen wander through the Muse; 
May regard for Alma Mater be strengthened as you look; 

If a glance here, new or later, 

Makes your love for her the greater, 
Then you've gotten at the spirit of our book.